One simple POS system for searching and pricing car glass parts, organizing services, and billing insurance or cash consumers.

Point Of Sale

You only want to rate, evaluate, issue maintenance requests, bill, and gather money.


Our POS maintains your technical calendar up to date, allowing them to end projects and accept cash without verifying into the store.

Shop Administration

Through resource planning and business administration, The Autoglass POS Geniee makes things simpler for administrators of all types and glasses companies.

Accounting / Finance

POS Geniee allows you to handle all of your Auto glass shop's administrative, financial, and revenue in a single spot.

POS Geniee Auto Glass System allows you to systematize and regulate every aspect of your company, saving you significant time.

Point-of-Sale developed software for auto glass

Get rid of the costs and problems of maintaining antiquated or automated processes.

Using POS Geniee, your shop operations are addressed by a user-friendly, cloud-based, feature-rich point of sale and company administration software explicitly designed for Autoglass, which your team will adore.

Using our POS Geniee Autoglass POS software, you can establish individual prices for vehicle glass depending on contracts with customers, insurers, or supply prices. You would quickly determine costs, including union wages, bespoke forms, falsifications, and glass choices for auto glass prices.

Every estimate may be converted to a quotation, work order, or planned project.

Fully Functional

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Fully Functional

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Fully Functional

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Fully Functional

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Why POS Geniee Autoglass POS System


basic setup Simply registers, and you are ready to start. Service is available 24/7.


Have all the newest tools at your disposal, such as Identification and smart POS

Generating income:

Accept checks, bank cards, and money as online services. Check the revenue in your record continuously, and quickly make up any discrepancies once the workday is over, quickly make up any discrepancies. Give your specialist the ability to accept payments on the job.


Create effective invoicing for your clients. Add details about your store, such as logos and a map, to your receipts to make them truly unique. For your clients, photocopy or email each bill (whether it is completed or pending). Any Provider or insurer may receive payments using API.

Request Original AUTO GLASS AND Maintain YOUR Stock levels Simply IN THE SOFTWARE.

POS Geniee will display your detailed price list if you've established a cost breakdown with certain vendors. Our software enables you to locate components quickly and maintain your inventories up to date, whether you retain stocks in storage or anyplace from a tiny assortment at the rear of the store.

Collect IMMEDIATE Cash Transactions As well as Receipt Payers.

Using POS Geniee's point-of-sale administration, you can avoid taking your business along using you or staying late to go through the documentation to be reimbursed.

Our software can keep track of cash, cheque, and credit card transactions when you are billing a consumer personally

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