Improve each store by installing new software on each one.

Providing exciting and practical solutions to store personnel will result in better client interactions & happier employees.

The ability to predict better

It is possible to optimize new using Automation purchase suggestions tailored to each device's intermittency, season and production management without needing a constant stockpile.

Improved supply control

Ordering tailored for variable weekly combinations, screen size modifications, periodic changes, and commodity features may help influence marketing approaches in retail stores.

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We are eager to demonstrate Pos Geniee's abilities. Let's get began.

We provide businesses with the slashing tools and knowledge they ought to build customer-friendly new projects and compete more effectively. We want to help groceries to growing their business on pos Geniee software.

Fully Functional

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Fully Functional

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Fully Functional

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Fully Functional

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Through a new grocery Pos, food stores may be profitable and sustainable.

Orders of perfection are attainable.

Pos Geniee creates Digital suggestions in a digitized order manual to prevent grocery wastage and maintain stocked stores. Multichannel operations are optimized so you can provide what your consumers demand.

Manage the depts you dreamed of:

You can monitor product revenue, wastage, and marketing information for your whole network using pos Geniee. You'll be able to create smarter, data-driven judgments since you'll understand what requires the closest consideration.

Display Coupons and Gather Information:

When the buyer is satisfied, just make the order and go to the transaction, and the information is captured instantly into the POS software.

Best Services Grow Your
Business Value

Globally actualize cost effective with resource maximizing leadership skills.

Examine Reports

The report is instantly created with the product description, actual selling price, and compensation offers as the info is processed in authentic software.

Online Submission

Automatically submission saves effort by delivering the data to the provider for approval immediately, allowing you to concentrate on other areas of the company.

Automated Reports

Synergistically pursue accurate initiatives without economically imperatives.

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Compare A/B Testing

Credibly disintermediate functional processes for team driven action.

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User Journey Flow

Quickly productize prospective value before collaborative benefits.

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Easy Customization

Dynamically develop ubiquitous opportunities whereas relationships.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Costs range from $2,500 to $5,000 per site for a grocery shop POS solution that includes all the technology and software you want to get.

POS systems often include a monthly cost. A basic point-of-sale system is available without paying a monthly fee; however, affordable POS technologies sometimes have few capabilities and may have expensive credit card validation costs.

The average monthly cost of a cloud-based retail POS software ranges from $0 to $300 depending on several variables, but modest firms typically pay approximately $69 per month without add-ons. Your POS system will often cost you additional predictive stats, rewards programs, and gift vouchers, bringing the overall cost to a minimum of $100 each month.