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Restaurant point-of-sale systems are integrated with the capabilities needed to succeed in current challenging conditions.

Restaurant POS software assists company operators in managing business operations and accepting transactions. Featuring capabilities for tableside or purchasing, menus maintenance, ingredient inventories, floor planning, and rewards programs, contemporary virtualized Point of sales saves time plus budget.

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Restaurant Pos Geniee

It's a huge deal to choose a top restaurant POS software. Pos Geniee is available to assist you in making the best choice. Explore how the top-rated restaurant POS system of Pos Geniee may benefit your company.

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Gift Cards

From generating sales to raising brand exposure, gift cards are a chance to transform new consumers into loyal customers.

Loyalty Program Initiatives

Loyal clients are your bread and butter. Keep customers returning back time and time once more with targeted promos, awards, and bonuses.

Online Purchasing

These days, real-time internet ordering is an essential for every business. Give clients the ease of buying online through various channels like your site or third-party transportation providers.

Recipe Customization

Customize pleasant hour prices, add promotions or update things in real-time. Easily organise menu options and modifications with an appealing client experience.

Fully Functional

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Fully Functional

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Fully Functional

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Fully Functional

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Our POS restaurant features:

Recipe Maintenance:

You can conveniently start selling, handle orders on and off-site, and create and refresh recipes from anywhere.

Reports and data analysis

With over 50 findings showing revenue patterns, productivity assessment, and much further, you can create business choices quickly and include more Information.

Software/app integration:

Our Restaurant POS software works with the most acceptable software alternatives on the market. It makes it an actual "all-in-one" forum that can strengthen your company.

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Cooking/ kitchen highlights

A kitchen display system improves performance and reliability by providing the food processing workers with all the information they need regarding each purchase request, particularly the materials required to fulfill it. A central depository for all purchases, this data is shown on a display that is well-lit and simple to read.

  • Printed cards and kitchenette printers are replaced with a digital cooking display. It is intended to boost effectiveness and precision.
  • In reality, possibilities that would not usually exist are created by an interconnected cooking digital display.

  • Furthermore, with a kitchen display system, information on order modifications and adjustments enters the kitchen as quickly as clients request.
  • This feature ensures that orders are served correctly at the initial moment, eliminates waste, and reduces dissatisfaction between kitchen personnel, waiting for staff, and customers.

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