Optimize your kitchen to assist consumers effectively.

Kitchens in cafes are demanding. A lot goes into maintaining your restaurant, which may be simplified using our POS system for cafés, whether it's keeping stocks, buying what clients want, or organizing requests and deliveries.

Take the cafe POS for the modern hotel period POS Geniee provides freedom, stability, and round-the-clock assistance so you can manage your café and service your neighborhood more effectively than before.

You may customize the menus

It might be challenging to create, maintain, and update several choices. Your cyclical and recurring recipes will be easily manageable and error-free using the aid of our cafe POS system.

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Easily monitor inventory

Although the café list is limited, it quickly runs out of items. With the help of our cafe inventory management software, you can see which products are going short.

An ordering app for serving staff

With a cafe order-taking app integrated with our restaurant POS, you can serve clients quickly and without hindrances. You can accurately take orders digitally or off.

Simple Tip Settlement

To minimize the mess, our cafe POS system dynamically separates the due amount from the charge and assigns it to the appropriate employees.

Respond to many schedules

Our coffee shop monitoring software will help you efficiently manage your workforce throughout each shift, preventing disruptions to business operations.

Fully Functional

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Fully Functional

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Fully Functional

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Fully Functional

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Best Services Grow Your
Business Value

With your fingertips, operate a brand or a standalone coffee business.

The café business is challenging to manage because of the hectic workdays and long days. Especially now and then, it appears complicated to work a café properly. Nevertheless, most of your challenging chores are made simple with the cafe POS.

Manage your cafe, At your fingertips

Quickly monitor all activities using our cafe POS software, especially during your most challenging hours, by bringing your complete cafe administration to your fingertips.

Utilize a POS system that prioritizes the customer experiences to attract more clients.

If POS Geniee powers your café, you may concentrate more on enhancing client happiness by customizing your service rather than managing operations. Provide seated service and accept orders straight from an iPad POS for your visitors. Give clients various cashless transaction choices so they may pay wherever they want. Increase client turnover by using brand loyalty Utilize variables to quickly and effectively personalize orders.

Ease the burden of café and bakery operations off your shoulders.

POS Geniee allows you to run your cafe or bakery from any location. Whenever you have one site or a dozen, you only need one software to keep everything running. You can learn about your best-selling goods through built-in reporting and Enhanced Analytics. Simple layout design adjustment may boost productivity, maximize capacity, and reduce mistakes. For each site, you may either individually or collectively control staff authorization. Utilize a comprehensive perspective of company data through one or more sites to make plans.

By interactive POS Geniee Payments, you can provide a flat fee solution

Manage a variety of transaction methods directly from your POS Geniee Restaurant POS.

You may process transactions quickly anywhere using a credit card, debit card, and digital money.

Concise payment records that synchronize straight to your corporate end are available.There are no third-party costs or additional carrying costs.

Depend on a knowledgeable staff for dispute handling and scam support.

The POS You can depend on:

With the newest POS software, you can manage everything from inventories to monitoring to onboarding faster and more effectively than ever.

TrueSync Technology keeps services working efficiently even when there is no internet.

You can eliminate waste and control each ounce of goods utilized through proper inventory tracking solutions.

You can quickly train staff with a seamless and easy computer system that does not disrupt your day-to-day operations.Solid sales statistics may enable you to identify trouble spots and possibilities.