POS software for beauty products retailers

POS Geniee is a cloud-based point of sale system that helps improve customer service while increasing sales in beauty salons and retail stores

Control your cosmetics shop

Managing a beauty business is a 24-hour job. Of course, Phorest is at the core of your salon's main office. However, issues and possibilities don't follow regular business hours.

The Pos Geniee Salon Management Software is compatible with iPad, iPhone, Android smartphones, and tablets, allowing you to use the application from any platform at any time and see precisely how your salon is functioning

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The most pleasing possible experience for your customers

Clients invest in your effort, knowledge, and high-quality items, so don't undervalue them through pricing cuts and promotions.Our client reward both satisfies consumers and generates revenue for your company. It may improve income by up to 21% while increasing regular monthly purchases by 30%

Fully Functional

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Fully Functional

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Fully Functional

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Fully Functional

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Helps in Appointments

Your salon is in the grip of your customer's hand.

Your customers may not always be able to call throughout salon hours. So they approach you when it's too late, and there are no more available slots, or they go to another salon alternative.

Give your customers a simple method to reschedule with a customized booking software designed just for your salon!


Log in and operate from any location. Your sales, products, and analytics are always accessible, secure, and current.

Work ON ANY Gadget

POS Geniee is compatible with iPad, Mac, and PC. You just need the internet. It could even function with the POS equipment you currently have


POS Geniee partners with top merchant service companies internationally,y so you may select the most effective method of accepting payments in your shop.


We have a worldwide network of POS Geniee Expert customers and give client assistance around the clock.

Need POS software for your beauty sore? PosGeneiee is the solution to your problem

KEEP UP WITH Color schemes, FRAGRANCES, SHADES, AND Everything

POS Geniee ensures that your stores are always supplied using the appropriate goods, whether you offer cosmetics or hair solutions. Demonstrate different tints, fragrances, and colors using variations, and keep tabs on the best-selling products. Have an extensive catalog? To minimize time, purchase goods in quantity

Do you need a point of sale software for your beauty shop? POS Geniee is a user-friendly and effective POS, inventories, and reward software

Get more customers

You may reach out to many more consumers online at any moment.

To be linked to your clients 24 hours a day, sell online, and quickly provide pickup.

Increase your consumer base and income sources.

Connect your virtual and offline devices

Access to world-class commerce, meal service, and other services.

It is simple to contend with internet behemoths while being subsequent